1. What is the legal name and GST number of Company? The legal name of Company and Brand is TeaQue, and the GST number is 32CTFPM3253B1Z7.
  2. What is the trade name and address of TeaQue? The trade name is TeaQue, and the address is Ismayilparambil Thekkekara, Erattupetta, Kottayam, Kerala, PIN Code: 686122.
  3. Can you describe the concept behind the brand name TeaQue? The name ‘TeaQue’ signifies the variety of tea flavors it offers, with a rhythmic and easy-to-pronounce nature. It suggests a continuous exploration of diverse tea experiences.
  4. What does the logo of TeaQue represent? The logo features a T incorporating a tea kettle and a Q with a tea leaf and stem, symbolizing the essence of the brand.
  5. What is the tagline of TeaQue and its significance? The tagline is “Taste of Diversitea,” creatively portraying the diverse range of tea flavors offered by the brand.
  6. What colors are used in the TeaQue logo, and what do they symbolize? The logo uses ‘Red Wood’ for the ‘T’ part, indicating organic features and a connection with soil-grown tea domestically. The ‘Q’-leaf element uses ‘Dark Grass Green,’ signifying freshness and purity.
  7. When did TeaQue begin its journey, and what milestones have been achieved? TeaQue started its journey in June 2023, progressing through consultation, naming, experimentation, and finally, launching its product.
  8. What are the ingredients of Anandam, TeaQue’s blend? Anandam combines Assam tea for rich flavor and Idukki’s valley flavors for brightness and vitality.
  9. What is SpiZekQ, and how does it enhance the tea experience? SpiZekQ is TeaQue’s masala chai powder, crafted with aromatic spices to offer a symphony of flavors and elevate the tea-drinking experience.
  10. Where can I find more information about TeaQue and its products? Visit https://teaque.co.in/ for more details on TeaQue and its offerings.
  11. What is TeaQue’s shipping policy? Orders are processed within 1 to 24 hours, with delivery times ranging from 3 to 7 days within Kerala and 5 to 10 days outside Kerala.
  12. Are there shipping charges for TeaQue orders? Shipping charges vary from Rs 40 to Rs 110, but orders above Rs 1500 within Kerala and Rs 2000 outside Kerala qualify for free shipping.
  13. What is TeaQue’s cancellation policy? Cancellations must be made within 12 hours of placing the order for a refund. Clear reasons must be provided, and refunds are processed within 3 days.
  14. How can I cancel my order with TeaQue? Use the link https://teaque.co.in/order-cancellation/ for order cancellation, ensuring clear reasons are provided.
  15. What circumstances qualify for a refund from TeaQue? Refunds are issued if the wrong item is received or if the ordered item is not delivered.
  16. How long does it take to receive a refund from TeaQue? Refunds are remitted to the bank account within 3 days or refunded via the original payment method.
  17. Is there a minimum order value for free shipping with TeaQue? Yes, orders above Rs 1500 within Kerala and Rs 2000 outside Kerala qualify for free shipping.
  18. Does TeaQue ship internationally? TeaQue currently ships within India, with delivery times varying based on location.
  19. Can I track my order with TeaQue? Yes, TeaQue provides order tracking options for customers to monitor their delivery status.
  20. Does TeaQue offer wholesale or bulk purchase options? For wholesale or bulk purchase inquiries, please contact TeaQue directly through their website.
  21. Are there any discounts or promotions available with TeaQue? TeaQue occasionally offers discounts and promotions, which are advertised on their website and social media channels.
  22. Does TeaQue offer gift packaging or customization options? TeaQue provides gift packaging and customization options for special occasions or corporate gifting needs.
  23. What safety measures does TeaQue take during packaging and delivery? TeaQue ensures hygienic packaging and follows all safety protocols during the packaging and delivery process.
  24. Is there a customer service hotline for inquiries or assistance with TeaQue orders? Yes, TeaQue has a customer service hotline for inquiries and assistance regarding orders, available during business hours.
  25. Does TeaQue offer any loyalty or rewards program for frequent customers? TeaQue may offer a loyalty or rewards program for frequent customers, with details available on their website.
  26. Can I return an item purchased from TeaQue? Returns may be accepted in certain circumstances, such as damaged or defective items, with specific conditions outlined in TeaQue’s return policy.
  27. How can I provide feedback or suggestions to TeaQue? TeaQue welcomes feedback and suggestions from customers, which can be submitted through their website or customer service channels.
  28. Does TeaQue offer any other products besides tea blends? TeaQue may offer additional products or variations besides tea blends, which are showcased on their website.
  29. What measures does TeaQue take to ensure product quality and freshness? TeaQue maintains strict quality control measures and sources the freshest ingredients to ensure product quality and freshness.
  30. Where can I find TeaQue’s terms and conditions? TeaQue’s terms and conditions can be found on their website, providing detailed information on policies, usage, and legal matters.
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