Who We Are?

TeaQue is dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences that enrich your daily routine. Established in June 2023, our journey was inspired by the pursuit of excellence. Our commitment to precision and perfection has enabled us to reimagine what it means to indulge. We continually strive to surpass expectations and create moments that are nothing short of extraordinary. We believe that indulgence should be an integral part of your daily life, which is why we strive to make every experience special and unique. Join us on our journey towards luxury and pleasure by savoring our handcrafted teas and scrumptious pastries. Allow TeaQue to guide you towards a life of indulgence like no other.

A Brief History

Our journey commenced with consultations in June, as we meticulously mapped out our vision. By August, our workflow was outlined, setting the stage for a seamless process of creation. September saw us deliberating on the perfect name, a crucial step in shaping our identity. As October and November unfolded, we devoted ourselves to the meticulous testing of ingredients, ensuring unrivaled quality and taste.

Through twenty rigorous trials, we perfected our craft, striving for nothing short of perfection. December marked an exciting milestone as we opened our doors to live experiences, inviting you to immerse yourself in our world. Concurrently, we embarked on the journey of brand registration, meticulously crafting our logo and materials to reflect our essence.

The essence of bliss

Anandam is more than a product; it’s an experience. Our carefully curated ingredients are selected to infuse pleasure and smoothness into every sip, tantalizing your taste buds and elevating your senses.

A Symphony of Flavors

Drawing inspiration from the natural wonders of Assam and the breathtaking landscapes of Idukki, our offerings are a celebration of nature’s bounty. From Assam’s gift of tea to the vibrant hues of Idukki’s valleys, each sip promises to awaken your senses, infusing your mornings with joy and color.

Join us on a journey of indulgence, where every moment is an opportunity to savor life’s simple pleasures. Welcome to  TeaQue, where happiness knows no bounds.

Our core values encapsulate our essence:

  1. Our core values encapsulate our essence:
    Excellence: We strive for perfection in all endeavors, setting the highest standards of quality and innovation.
  2. Integrity: We uphold honesty and transparency in every interaction, fostering trust and loyalty.
  3. Passion: Fueling our commitment, passion drives us to create unforgettable experiences, inspiring joy and fulfillment.

“Indulge in a Blend of Delight: Assam Tea and Idukki Valley Flavors.”

Work Hours

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